Business Design for Profit
(from The Profit Zone, Adrian Slywotzsky)



Dimension Key Issue Key Questions
1. Client selection Which clients do we want to serve? To which clients can we add real value? Which clients will allow us to profit? Which clients do we want to serve?
2. Value Capture How do we make a profit? How do we capture, as profit, a portion of the value we create for our clients? What is our profit model?
3. Differentiation and
Strategic Control
How do we protect our profit stream? Why do our clients buy from us? What makes our value proposition differentiated from our competitors? What strategic points can counterbalance client or competitor power?
4. Scope What activities do we perform? What products, services or solutions do we want to sell? Which do we want to perform in-house? Which should we subcontract, outsource, or work with a business partner to provide?


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